7 Signs You Need a Recruitment System [Infographic]

Considering a new recruitment system? That makes you and just about everyone else. Talent management analyst Josh Bersin projects that the $4.3 billion talent management market will grow 11% or more this year. The landscape and everyday processes of recruiting have changed drastically, and recruitment systems have grown from being a luxury item, to becoming a complete necessity in recruiting and HR. 

Are you over budget, left wondering where your relevant candidates can be found online, or just can’t remember what color your desk is because you haven’t seen it in months? These are among the common signs that you need recruitment software. 

As applicant tracking systems become the standard in companies of all sizes, those organizations who haven’t invested in such software or systems are experiencing the negative affects of falling behind their tech-toting competitors. Automation isn’t just for the big boys anymore, and candidates can certainly tell the difference too. 

250 -That’s just one of the many important numbers you’ll find in this infographic. It’s the average number of resumes received for each corporate job listing. Recruiters have gotten great at attracting large numbers of candidates…now what?!

Find out if you need a recruitment system now. (Hint: You do)

7 Ways to Tell Infographic Visibility Software

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