Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Training Content?


You probably already know that Visibility Software offers a solution called Cyber Train. This software tracks compliance, automates approvals and basically makes training a breeze for HR. While we have always offered great training solutions, we have just recently partnered up with OpenSesame, the world’s largest source of eLearning courses, all geared toward employee training and development.

We’ve seen a lot of training content in our day and it’s our job to steer you clear of these content don’ts.

This is a No-Fun Zone

Gamification isn’t just a passing craze in the training world. One of the biggest roadblocks in any training course or program is the lack of engagement on the users behalf. Training is notoriously not fun. Gamification, or the use of game dynamics in a non-game context, is proven to increase employee engagement in the training process. Technology advice expert Kyle Turco said:

“Increased engagement means that employees will better remember the
content of the training. While a basic training program might deliver the necessary information, a gamified platform will allow for deeper interaction between the user and material. Many organizations waste resources when employees complete their training process but retain minimal knowledge. A fully engaging platform will lead to educated employees that can get to work right away.”

Visuals…People LOVE Visuals

Pictures, videos, graphs, slideshares –whatever visuals you can incorporate, do it! Obviously, a large portion of training is going to include simple text, but that is not the optimal way of delivering information. According to a Vimeo video on the power of visuals in training:

  • Of all the senses, vision trumps them all when it comes to learning and memory.
  • We’re more likely to recall visual information.
  • Recognition doubles for a picture compared to text.
  • People will only remember 10% of what you say 72 hours later. However, if you add a picture to speech, it increases to 65%.

Relevant visuals grab attention and increase retention of information. That sounds like the ideal training tool right?

No Feedback

You think your training program is great, your boss thinks your training program is great; it must be great…right? Well what about the people actually working through your training content –what do they think? Any training program aimed at effectiveness and efficiency needs to track those things soliciting feedback from the users.

You will never know the successes and failures within your content if you don’t ask. If 75% of your trainees leave the program thinking it’s a joke, that might be important information. What’s more important is the “why”. Collect thorough feedback from all users, thank them for the feedback and implement your improvements immediately. Always include a “comments” or “other” field to ensure that you’re gathering information that you might not have thought to inquire about. Training specialists at Catapult recommend…

“Ideally, the trainer (and the organization if possible)
plans the evaluation before conducting training.  This approach ensures that the evaluation measures the same goals and objectives targeted in the implementation of the training.”

So much goes into creating an effective training program and it’s important for leaders to make the connection between effective and dynamic. Training should be an employee-centric function. What tools do they need to learn? How can we most effectively get them this information?

Need help with any aspect of your training program? We would love to be the company to do it! Contact us today for more training insights or information on our software.

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