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Hiring Trends for Q3/Q4 2012…are you ready?

According to the latest mid-year hiring report from Careerbuilder, (2012 Mid-year Hiring Forecast), 44% of employers nationwide plan to hire within the last half of this year.  The question is, if you are one of these employers, are you ready? 

Here are some tips to ensure that you can attract the best candidates with the right skills to get the job done:

    • Make sure your resume database is up to date and easily searchable so that you can find candidates you may already know.  If you haven’t reached out to your applicants in a while, now is the time to contact them and request that they update their applicant profile within your resume database software.  They may have gained additional experience and participated in training/career development since you last entertained the idea of an interview with them.
    • Check out your career site and go through the application process as an applicant.  Ask yourself, is the process too cumbersome?  Is the branding and text on my career site displaying up to date, attractive information to new candidates?  Am I projecting the right image to new candidates?  Are my job descriptions up to date with current skills and lingo?  If not, make sure you update these areas.
    • Evaluate your job posting resources.  A robust reporting tool can show you if you are getting the most out of the dollars you are spending with the paid job boards.  There are tons of free, industry specific job boards available.  You just have to find them.  Also, evaluate your social networking strategy to ensure that you are fully utilizing these tools for referrals.    

Cyber Recruiter’s world class resume database software can make sure your organization is ready to hire the best candidates.  For more information on how Cyber Recruiter can help you attract the best candidates,
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Top 3 Online Recruitment System Mistakes

Using your online recruitment system to attract the best candidates…

Are you struggling to find superior quality applicants for the jobs you have open?  Perhaps it’s your online recruitment system that’s holding you back from attracting the best job seekers.  Too often we spend so much time focusing on our internal processes and forget to think about the experience our applicants have on our career site.  A great applicant experience can be the key to attracting the right candidate to get open positions filled faster.  Here are the top three don’ts we hear from job seekers…

Don’t make me repeat myself!  When applicants invest in putting together a winning resume, don’t ask them to re-type or copy and paste their professional highlights into your career page.  Instead, have them upload their resume to your career site and pre-populate the fields on your application with that information.

Don’t act like you don’t know me!  If an applicant has submitted their information to your company before, don’t treat them like it’s the first time you’ve met.  Instead allow them to log into your career site and pick up where they left off.

-Don’t keep me in the dark!  Applicants who take them time to provide the information your company is after, deserve to be kept up to date on what’s going on with the open position they applied for.  Give them the opportunity to see where you are with your hiring process and communicate effectively to them as things progress.

Cyber Recruiter’s world class online recruitment system can make sure these mistakes aren’t made your company.  For more information on how Cyber Recruiter can help you attract the best candidates, click here.

Is Your Training Management Software Ready for Summer?

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Most business are getting ready for Summer implementing a summertime business strategy.  This includes summer hours, casual dress and even flexible work schedules.  Summer is often thought of as a time to relax and unwind and maybe not work quite as hard because you have more freedom than usual.  Often times vacations are planned and employees start working from home more frequently, leaving the office early and scheduling more “outside” appointments. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing for businesses.  After all, most employees would argue that it rejuvenates them and allows them to get caught up on things like organizing our email inbox!  (who doesn’t need time for this!)  What I am saying is to take this time to focus on an initiative to make a business improvement.  For instance, ask yourself some questions about your training software.  Is your training management software or LMS working for you?  Are you able to track training for your staff easily?  Are you tracking employee training the best way?  If you find you are not satisfied, spend some time seeing what else is “out there”.  Do a little comparison research/shopping to ensure you have the best.  As it relates to training software, have you completed an LMS comparison chart?  

As you begin digging in, you may find that your current provider has incorporated upgrades that you might have missed or that you find a solution that offers more for less.  Really what’s the harm in looking.  Take advantage of summer, research some LMS Vendors and find the perfect fit.   Feel free to use our LMS Comparison chart to get you started.  Don’t be scared to work a little harder this Summer, it might actually help you find more time to relax as you become more efficient in your job.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

LMS Comparison Tool

Does Your Career Get the Job Done?

Winning resized 600The most important thing when hiring an applicant is to make sure that you get the most qualified candidate that plans on sticking around.  But before you can get there, you need to take a step back and figure out how to find them first. Now that we’re in the digital age, it seems like that should be easier than ever. But there are a lot of applicants out there, and it’s hard to tell if they’re all really qualified.

Why not create a memorable experience with your career page, one the candidate won’t forget.  One that will make them want to apply and revisit over and over.  Get your applicants excited with something innovative but more importantly something that is easy to navigate and takes the monotony out of completing an application.  Ask compelling questions, relevant questions to the position and even out of the box questions.  Wondering how you can customize your career site and your applications? That’s where Cyber Recruiter comes in.  Visibility Software creates your entire career page and allows you to create as many applications as you and your organization need.  Therefore you can truly customize the questions you ask, create a customized experience and not bog down applicants with an application that is not relevant to a position.  More importantly, as a recruiter, you won’t have to slog through profiles of people who may or may not be qualified. Cyber Recruiter streamlines the process of finding the perfect applicant. Get the best applicant experience while getting the best applicant for the job.  It’s a win win!

So ask yourself these questions: Does your career site get the job done? Does it have an applicant friendly career page, custom applications, and the best applicant experience? Does your career site allow you to ask your potential employees the questions you need to know? Does your career sight bog down your hiring process?  Start thinking about Cyber Recruiter as your answer today!  Pick a winning solution that gets the job done!

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Free Job Boards (and other money saving ideas)

A look at the role of free job boards and other money saving ideas for getting the most from your online recruitment system.money picture resized 600

As HR and recruiting budgets continue to tighten, it’s important to ensure that your organization is spending the money that is available for marketing your open positions in the right ways. Here are 5 questions to ask when evaluating your job posting expenditures… 

  1. Are you fully utilizing free resources? Your company career site is the most efficient and most economical way to advertise an open position. Many organizations have all of their approved job opening automatically post on their career site for that reason. 

  2. Are you taking advantage of employee referrals?  There may be no better way to find great candidates than asking the employees you already have.  In many cases they really know what you’re looking for and can accurately convey that to a prospective candidate.  Offering employee referral bonuses is a great way to motivate employees to submit qualified referrals.

  3. Is your social media strategy providing the best candidates?  Social networking sites, like Facebook, can be a great way to attract highly qualified candidates.  Make sure the people in your social network have the ability to “like” a job opening you have available.  Social networking sites can also be a great place to post jobs at a minimal cost.  

  4. Are your job postings key word optimized so you can be found easily job seekers using search engines?  Search engine optimization is a great way to drive candidates to your career site without spending additional money on job boards.  The trick is, making sure that the jobs your are filling can be found easily those who are searching.  To do this, make sure your job descriptions have the search phrases job seekers might use when searching for jobs on the internet.

  5. Are the paid job boards you’re using providing the biggest bang for your buck?  Here, the key is proper measurement.  Be sure you have the right reporting in place to be sure your paid job postings are giving you the best ROI for your investment.  And make sure that you are taking advantage of any free job boards available for your location and industry.

With Cyber Recruiter’s robust job posting features and reporting capabilities you can ensure that your organization is spending its job posting dollars in the right places.  For more information on how Cyber Recruiter can help you attract the best candidates and get the most out of your recruiting dollars, join us for a free demo clicking the button below.

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Can a Recruiting Software Comparison Make you a Hero?

Your boss just dropped a pile of resumes on your desk with firm instructions to fill his administrative position the end of the week!  Inside you chuckle just slightly but then realize his serious tone is NOT kidding! Does he really think you can sort through hundreds of paper resumes, prescreen them, interview, seek feedback and extend an offer all within a week!  Often times management has unrealistic expectations primarily because they don’t have a clue as to what you do or even how to start.  It’s our job to inform them why you can’t fill a position in a week but more importantly you have to give them an explanation whyIncredibles resized 600

Better yet, the “why” should have a solution when you present it.  Imagine two recruiter (Bob and Kim)in the same situation.  Bob does exactly as he is instructed and begins sorting through resumes, scheduling interview and finding a candidate (job tracking).  Bob meets with his boss at the end of the week and request more time to fill the position. Kim decides to think slightly outside the box and takes an altogether different approach.  Kim presents to her boss a request for an Applicant Tracking Solution.  She documents current processes, company requirements, cost savings and significant time to fill advantages.  Kim receives a promotion and begins heading up the project to find an ATS. 

Recruiters should seize opportunities to think creatively and not be scared to offer suggestions for the overall betterment of the company.  Be the next Company Hero and start your search for  Applicant Tracking Software.  Take advantage of our Recruiting Software Comparison and get started today.  After all, it’s exactly what your boss wants you to do. 

Download Recruiting    Comparison Tool

Training Management Software – Top 3 things to look for in a system

If your organization is struggling with tracking training for your employees, you may be in the market for training management software.  Here are a few things to look for when evaluating training management software solutions:

  • Make sure your students can enroll themselves in the training they need.  This enables your students to take ownership in the training process and research shows that students who manage their own training schedule are more likely to attend their scheduled classes.
  • Give managers and department heads the information they need to stay on top of the training requirements of the people in their groups.  This helps managers and students/employees to work together to ensure essential requirements are met on time.
  • Effectively report on training activities, so you can proactively alert students and managers that requirements with upcoming due dates are met.  On time, email driven communication is a great way to ensure students/employees know they have a requirement or credential that is about to expire.

We know that evaluating training management software can be an overwhelming process, so we’ve created this great tool to help you manage all of your requirements and ensure that you get the best solution for your organization.  To access this tool, click on the button below.

LMS Comparison Tool




Resume Database Software – Top 3 reason you need it!

Is your current system making it difficult for your recruiting department to find the applicants you’re looking for?  If so, you may need a more robust, full service recruitment software instead of just a database of resumes.  Best of breed, full service recruitment software should include the following:

1)      Configurable screens and workflows that adapt to your company’s policies and procedures

2)      A strong, feature rich reporting tool to ensure you not only remain in compliance, but also measure your recruiting activities for effective business impact

3)      A career website that can be managed non-IT staff so that recruiting and HR maintain control of what your applicants experience when they apply for jobs and how the information is displayed to them in the best possible manner.

For a complete list of features of what great recruitment software should include, click here.

Cyber Recruiter is more than just resume database software.  It is full service, best of breed recruitment software that can make your recruiting efforts more efficient and more effective.  For more information about what Cyber Recruiter can do for you, join us for a free product demonstration clicking on the button below.

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Training Tracking Software – Buying vs Renting

A perfect question to consider when evaluating training management software is do I buy or rent a system?   While most training management software available today don’t even offer the option to purchase a solution there are still some companies out there today offering you choices.  How do you determine which is best for your business? 

Much like the similar debate of buying versus leasing with an automobile, you have to make the choice that makes sense for your budget.  An obvious answer would tell you that when you rent, you won’t have anything to show for your money when your lease is up.  Does this hold true for training management software as well?  One might believe that software is less tangible than a car and more frequently interchangeable.  Still the argument holds true when the software term is up.  If you’re not paying, you no longer get to use the software and the investment you’ve made in implementing the new system is gone. 

Here are a few advantages that might help you decide:

The Buying Advantages:

  1. Data flexibility.  The software resides on your internal servers giving you full control over your data allowing you to manipulate and convert as you see fit.
  2. Fully own the software.  Once you buy the software it is yours forever.  Assuming you did the due diligence in your buying decision, most companies maintain software for at least two years before looking for something new.  Do a price comparison and see which gives you the biggest bank for your buck. 
  3. Better long term investment.  Typically the price of the software usually equates to a two year rental commitment with a company.  Usually the best budget decision if you have the money up front.

 The Renting Advantages:

  1. No technical resources necessary.  The software is stored in an offsite facility so there is no upkeep from your IT team or the need to take up storage space on internal servers.
  2. Lower payments.  If your company does not have the financial bandwith to support an upfront payment for software, renting allows you to get a solution you might not have otherwise been able to afford.
  3. Easier company buy-in.  Because of the lower monthly/quarterly payments and minimal contract terms, many companies make quicker decisions with rental software.  Biting off less upfront  regardless of the long term savings sometimes makes more sense. 

Overall, be sure to check with the training management software company to see if they offer options for software.  Weigh your pros/cons and do what makes the best financial decision for your company.  Better yet, hear from the experts.  Here at Visibility Software, we welcome potential clients the opportunity to talk to current customers.  Finding a reference that matches size, industry and to hear from those owning and renting helps to make a final decision.    Best of luck!

To learn more about the buying vs renting options we offer, please join us for a product demo clicking on the button below.

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