Can a Recruiting Software Comparison Make you a Hero?

Your boss just dropped a pile of resumes on your desk with firm instructions to fill his administrative position the end of the week! Inside you chuckle just slightly but then realize his serious tone is NOT kidding! Does he really think you can sort through hundreds of paper resumes, prescreen them, interview, seek feedback and extend an offer all within a week! Often times management has unrealistic expectations primarily because they don’t have a clue as to what you do or even how to start. It’s our job to inform them why you can’t fill a position in a week but more importantly you have to give them an explanation why. Incredibles resized 600

Better yet, the “why” should have a solution when you present it. Imagine two recruiter (Bob and Kim)in the same situation. Bob does exactly as he is instructed and begins sorting through resumes, scheduling interview and finding a candidate (job tracking). Bob meets with his boss at the end of the week and request more time to fill the position. Kim decides to think slightly outside the box and takes an altogether different approach. Kim presents to her boss a request for an Applicant Tracking Solution. She documents current processes, company requirements, cost savings and significant time to fill advantages. Kim receives a promotion and begins heading up the project to find an ATS.

Recruiters should seize opportunities to think creatively and not be scared to offer suggestions for the overall betterment of the company. Be the next Company Hero and start your search for Applicant Tracking Software. Take advantage of our Recruiting Software Comparison and get started today. After all, it’s exactly what your boss wants