Free Job Boards (and other money saving ideas)

A look at the role of free job boards and other money saving ideas for getting the most from your online recruitment system.
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As HR and recruiting budgets continue to tighten, it’s important to ensure that your organization is spending the money that is available for marketing your open positions in the right ways. Here are 5 questions to ask when evaluating your job posting expenditures… 

  1. Are you fully utilizing free resources? Your company career site is the most efficient and most economical way to advertise an open position. Many organizations have all of their approved job opening automatically post on their career site for that reason. 
  2. Are you taking advantage of employee referrals?  There may be no better way to find great candidates than asking the employees you already have.  In many cases they really know what you’re looking for and can accurately convey that to a prospective candidate.  Offering employee referral bonuses is a great way to motivate employees to submit qualified referrals.
  3. Is your social media strategy providing the best candidates?  Social networking sites, like Facebook, can be a great way to attract highly qualified candidates.  Make sure the people in your social network have the ability to “like” a job opening you have available.  Social networking sites can also be a great place to post jobs at a minimal cost.
  4. Are your job postings key word optimized so you can be found easily job seekers using search engines?  Search engine optimization is a great way to drive candidates to your career site without spending additional money on job boards.  The trick is, making sure that the jobs your are filling can be found easily those who are searching.  To do this, make sure your job descriptions have the search phrases job seekers might use when searching for jobs on the internet.
  5. Are the paid job boards you’re using providing the biggest bang for your buck?  Here, the key is proper measurement.  Be sure you have the right reporting in place to be sure your paid job postings are giving you the best ROI for your investment.  And make sure that you are taking advantage of any free job boards available for your location and industry.

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