Hiring Trends for Q3/Q4 2012…are you ready?

According to the latest mid-year hiring report from Careerbuilder, (2012 Mid-year Hiring Forecast), 44% of employers nationwide plan to hire within the last half of this year.  The question is, if you are one of these employers, are you ready? 

Here are some tips to ensure that you can attract the best candidates with the right skills to get the job done:

  1. Make sure your resume database is up to date and easily searchable so that you can find candidates you may already know.  If you haven’t reached out to your applicants in a while, now is the time to contact them and request that they update their applicant profile within your resume database software.  They may have gained additional experience and participated in training/career development since you last entertained the idea of an interview with them.
  2. Check out your career site and go through the application process as an applicant.  Ask yourself, is the process too cumbersome?  Is the branding and text on my career site displaying up to date, attractive information to new candidates?  Am I projecting the right image to new candidates?  Are my job descriptions up to date with current skills and lingo?  If not, make sure you update these areas.
  3. Evaluate your job posting resources.  A robust reporting tool can show you if you are getting the most out of the dollars you are spending with the paid job boards.  There are tons of free, industry specific job boards available.  You just have to find them.  Also, evaluate your social networking strategy to ensure that you are folly utilizing these tools for referrals.    

Cyber Recruiter’s world class resume database software can make sure your organization is ready to hire the best candidates.  For more information on how Cyber Recruiter can help you attract the best candidates