How LinkedIn is Putting Resumes on the Endangered List


Oh the fickle world of HR and recruiting practices, processes and tools. With tools and technology, you’re in one day and out the next. No sooner had we embraced professional resume writers and eye scanning technology to better the art of the resume, than came along LinkedIn and their fancy application technology.

LinkedIn is quickly killing the resume. They have a new feature enables candidates to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile rather than uploading a resume. All of the latest and greatest recruiting software platforms are using this efficient new tool. By making this feature available to users and job applicants, this feature is setting the bar for what we can expect from our applicant tracking systems.

Have you seen or used this “Apply with LinkedIn” button? It’s fantastic, and here’s why:

Candidate Experience

Being able to simply click a button makes for a quicker, easier candidate experience, and who doesn’t want that?! Instead of tailoring each resume to each job description, the entire package is right there. The skills that candidates might not think to promote in a resume for a specific position will still be visible to recruiters and hiring mangers. Simply clicking a button is a whole lot easier than traditional resume prep work. And oh the mobile possibilities!

No More “Good Resume Hires”

All too often we will go with the flashy resume and good interview. This is great if you’re hiring for a position that requires resume writing and interviewing skills. The fact that professionally written resumes are favored, among recruiters and hiring managers proves that resumes can make or break the hire.

Say that you get two candidates of an equal caliber, the one with the better resume will more than likely get the interview. This technology will make for a more consistent hiring process.

Connections and Endorsements

Although ease of use and all things HR technology rev our engines, we are most excited about the connections and endorsements aspect of this new tool. You can see whom candidates are connected with and who is endorsing them for what.

Say there is a person in the space, whom you regard as an industry leader, and they happened to have endorsed the candidate for one or several of the areas for which this job requires. This is a quick and easy way to vet candidates in a more rounded capacity.

Humanizing the Hiring Experience

Anyone would agree that viewing a LinkedIn profile is a much more personal and complete experience than reading a resume. When candidates share their LinkedIn profile in place of a resume, it personalizes the experience and gives recruiters and hiring mangers a better view of the candidate.

Although the way applicant tracking systems use this information isn’t exactly like viewing a LinkedIn profile, it can be better. The other end of this technology represents how the information is viewed and processed the recruiter. Long story short, all of those little boxes and fields are filled out with more up to date and accurate information than any resume could lend.

Does your software offer this new and innovative LinkedIn tool?

photo credit: TheSeafarer via photopin cc