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Best Practices Guide – 3 Steps to Achieve Talent Development that Drives Organizational Success 

Recent surveys conducted leading HR research and advisory services indicate that the pressure on organizations to improve learning and development continues to intensify. With more and more organizations unable to recruit all the talent they require, they need to develop it internally.

This best practices guide will show you a coordinated talent development process, including how to execute the right training management technology, that will help you substantially increase total employee performance.

Building Blocks Of Effective Training Programs

Not all training programs are created equal… What sets yours apart? Learn the Building Blocks of Training in our complete Training Management System guide.  Gain insight into –

-3 Simple requirements for successful training initiatives.

-5 common components of effective training.

-Best practices from industry leaders

Cyber Train TMS Overview 

Manage all training and build a strong talent development platform for your organization. With Cyber Train managing training for your organization no longer has to be an administrative nightmare. This web-based, role orientated training management system is designed to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications, easily and accurately. Intuitive and highly automated, Cyber Train is a powerful solution perfect for tracking and ensuring that your employees receive the training they need from a centralized location.

The Critical Relationship Between the CEO and Human Resources

HR is now being counted on to help drive strategic vision aligning workforce management goals with corporate objectives. This white paper will provide insight on how HR can help executives gain greater insight into the many facets of HR to make well-informed decisions about the workforce.

-Gain accurate, timely employee information, so you can make the best decisions. -Get information on organizational changes, recruiting, employee training and more. -Make workforce information available in real-time, at any time.