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Webinar – Solve Training Management Challenges with Cyber Train

Have you outgrown using Excel to track employee training?
Need to manage tuition reimbursement?
Need a solution to define training processes and improve employee development?

Cyber Train is a Learning Management system that tracks employee training better and more efficiently.  Cyber Train is designed to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications, easily and accurately. Intuitive and highly automated, Cyber Train is a powerful solution perfect for tracking and ensuring that your employees receive the training they need from a centralized location.

Cyber Train allows you to build your own course catalog and curriculum with existing training content and Cyber Train integration with eLearning online course leader OpenSesame, deploy training (on-demand, web-based, and classroom), test and survey employees and manage what needs to be taken along reporting functionality to see a history of what courses have been completed.

Managing the training requirements for your organization no longer has to be an administrative nightmare! Eliminate the spreadsheets, reams of paper, and the filing cabinet. With Cyber Train, managing and tracking all employee training and talent development requirements got easier!

We conduct webinars for Cyber Train one Wednesday per month at 2:30 EST.

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