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7 Signs You Need a Recruitment System Infographic

Are you over budget, left wondering where your relevant candidates can be found online, or just can’t remember what color your desk is because you haven’t seen it in months? As applicant tracking systems become the standard in companies of all sizes, those organizations who haven’t invested in such software or systems are experiencing the negative effects of falling behind their tech-toting competitors. Automation isn’t just for the big boys anymore, and candidates can certainly tell the difference too.

Best Practices Guide – 4 Key Steps to Successful Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is now a top business challenge. As a result, organizations are using a variety of strategies to woo the talent they need. Some are intensifying recruiting efforts. Others are enhancing compensation or expanding benefits programs. But none of these strategies can overcome a poor talent acquisition process.

This guide provides valuable best practices insight on how to maximize the success of your talent strategies, and how modern software solutions can help you compete for and win the best talent.

5 Questions to Ask When Switching ATS systems

If you are considering changing your ATS, or are thinking of switching from spreadsheets to manage your recruiting process, it’s critical to select and implement a new ATS successfully. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with your new ATS, either.

To help you in this all-important endeavor, we’ve created the following guide – 5 Questions to Ask When Switching Applicant Tracking Systems. This informative article examines five questions that are important to ask when switching to a new ATS.

Your Complete ATS Guide

This whitepaper is intended to assist decision makers in finding the right ATS for their organization. When a company finds the right match in an ATS, it quickly becomes an indispensible tool that drastically improves hiring results. When a company goes with the wrong ATS, it can end up being a lot of wasted time and money so we’ve uncovered and broken down the 5 Elements that make up the Best Applicant Tracking Systems so you can make the right decision.

Cyber Recruiter ATS Overview 

Cyber Recruiter Visibility Software is a full life cycle recruiting management solution that automates the entire hiring process to fill open positions faster and more efficiently. Cyber Recruiter improves hiring efficiency through end-to-end recruiting and onboarding process automation. Build a strong hiring foundation with this highly configurable solution which easily scales to adjust to your unique hiring process needs.

ATS Comparison Tool

Beginning your search can be overwhelming so we’re providing you with a tool to help along the way. Use this applicant tracking system comparison to view our product features and discover which items are most important to you.

-Use a checklist of features to make your decision easier! -See all items in one place and add as many products as needed. -Save time in your search!

Recorded Webinar: Why Recruiters Should be Ambassadors for your Company 

As the initial human point of contact for an employer brand, recruiters have to become ambassadors on the frontlines of the talent recruitment process.

This webinar will help you learn how to:

Help recruiters understand how to become ambassadors for your organization

Adopt the brand ambassador mindset to improve your candidate’s experience and build the future of your recruiting process

Provide an even greater impact to improve your quality of hire

The Critical Relationship Between the CEO and Human Resources

HR is now being counted on to help drive strategic vision aligning workforce management goals with corporate objectives. This white paper will provide insight on how HR can help executives gain greater insight into the many facets of HR to make well-informed decisions about the workforce.

-Gain accurate, timely employee information, so you can make the best decisions. -Get information on organizational changes, recruiting, employee training and more. -Make workforce information available in real-time, at any time