Top 3 Online Recruitment System Mistakes

Using your online recruitment system to attract the best candidates…

Are you struggling to find superior quality applicants for the jobs you have open?  Perhaps it’s your online recruitment system that’s holding you back from attracting the best job seekers.  Too often we spend so much time focusing on our internal processes and forget to think about the experience our applicants have on our career site.  A great applicant experience can be the key to attracting the right candidate to get open positions filled faster.  Here are the top three don’ts we hear from job seekers…

Don’t make me repeat myself!  When applicants invest in putting together a winning resume, don’t ask them to re-type or copy and paste their professional highlights into your career page.  Instead, have them upload their resume to your career site and pre-populate the fields on your application with that information.

Don’t act like you don’t know me!  If an applicant has submitted their information to your company before, don’t treat them like it’s the first time you’ve met.  Instead allow them to log into your career site and pick up where they left off.

-Don’t keep me in the dark!  Applicants who take them time to provide the information your company is after, deserve to be kept up to date on what’s going on with the open position they applied for.  Give them the opportunity to see where you are with your hiring process and communicate effectively to them as things progress.

Cyber Recruiter’s world class online recruitment system can make sure these mistakes aren’t made your company.  For more information on how Cyber Recruiter can help you attract the best candidates