Visible Results


We got some exciting news this week from one of our clients, and felt entirely compelled to share their success story as well as send out a big fat, “Congrats!”

We are proud to announce that one of our clients, Six3, was just acquired CACI for an impressive $820M. CACI sees this as an opportunity to strengthen its intelligence support services to the U.S. government. This is CACI’s largest acquisition. We are proud of Six3 for excelling in the industry and on their very successful move.

While this is a substantial investment for CACI, they expect the deal to add to their adjusted earnings per share about 10% in the next year. Those are visible and surprising results for a company in their sector.

In an effort to shift their focus toward providing more technology-based solutions, rather than services and staff, Six3 was the obvious choice. As technology leaders in their field, Six3 will help make this shift easier and faster for CACI. CACI will be able to adapt more quickly to the rapidly changing federal market. Analysts are saying that this acquisition is putting CACI in a great position as far as long-term market presence.

About Six3

Based out of Virginia, Six3 Systems provides strategic solutions to U.S. Government agencies in the intelligence, defense and civilian communities. They specialize in human intelligence gathering and security services.

HR and Recruiting and M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are tough on everyone, and it is always hard to get people on board with change. As the backbone of the company, getting people in-line with changes will often fall on the HR department. They are the one who communicate and facilitate change and ensure compliance.

M&As are risky business, if not led correctly, they can be a lose-lose. According to,

“In most cases, the success factor is where people in each organization show that they value the other, and actively work together to bring out the best values in each.”

Safeguard the Talent Pool

HR and recruiting from both companies must ensure that their candidates and applicants are in play. These talent pools that have taken so long to build, are vital to the success of both companies now. This data is precious and cannot afford to be lost or pushed out of the way.

Work Together to Distribute New Policies

Two HR departments are now working with an essentially new workforce. They must collaborate on consistent communications. These can involve policies, manuals, practices and, training or learning materials.

Merging HR and Recruiting Tech and Systems

Each company has an established way of doing everything. With procedures and practices, there is a lot of room to give and take, and eventually meet in the middle. That isn’t exactly how software, tech and systems work. You can’t go “halvsies” on this. Work with tech support to find out how to safely transfer information and find solutions to collaborate.