Where are Job Seekers Looking

As of May 13, 2013 there are one million trillion job boards. Alright, so maybe there aren’t that many, more like an approximate 40,000, but it can seem like it. With niche boards, location specific boards, the big company boards, craigslist, and company websites, there are so many internet nooks and crannies for job seekers to hide. And there are new ones popping up everyday. So how do you know where to invest your time and money as a recruiter? Let other people collect the data and read the post that they write on it, that’s how! The objective here is to find out where they’re looking, so naturally, these sites are in descending order of unique monthly visitors.

Where are Job Seekers Looking
Monster.com (28,000,000)

Monster has that household name going for them because they were one of the first on the scene (and because they spend hundreds of millions on advertising). Monster boasts their 6Sense semantic search technology. They have taken making search easier, faster and better to the next level. Most job seekers don’t know how to implement an accurate advanced search, but Monster is here to help.

CareerBuilder.com (26,400,000)

CareerBuilder reels them in with the added bonus of conneecting job seekers to many classified sections of various newspapers. They not only have the same jobs available as the other major job boards, but they are what is called a newspaper partner site. They are their own division of a large publishing conglomerate. And it turns out that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies post ads on CareerBuilder.

Indeed.com (17,000,000)

Indeed has recently blown up on the job site scene. They have officially reached over 100 million unique visitors per month without the use of any marketing. While they still aren’t a household name like Monster, their product is quickly proving itself to be an industry leader. Indeed has become such a popular job search tool because of their dynamic method of monitoring job listings on a continuous basis. One search will pull up the latest jobs from every site, totaling over 1,500 in all.

SimplyHired.com (9,000,000)

These guys get the importance of social media in the job search. When candidates click on the “Who Do I Know” button, they are able to view their LinkedIn connections with that specific company without leaving the SimplyHired site. They have also recently started catering to college grads with a new grad search guide.

GlassDoor.com (6,900,000)

The name kind of explains why so many job seekers are headed to GlassDoor. You get a free inside look at jobs and companies. GlassDoor is unique in that they offer a new way to find jobs and leave feedback on past and current employers, anonymously. You can find insider reviews, disclosed salaries and basically the dirt on just about any company. Quite frankly it’s genius.

AOL find a job (4,400,00)

One of the better looking job sites. AOLjobs, aside from being a job search site, their secondary goal is to provide job seekers with relevant information. With an extensive blog, tips, tools and advice, AOLjobs offers a little more than your average job search site.

Well there you have it, the 6 most visited job search sites on the web. Knowing where to find the talent is vital in recruiting. There are so many options right now, that starting any recruiting trail can get messy, quick. Keeping tabs on the most popular places can assist you in keeping things a little simpler.

photo credit: Gibson Claire McGuire Regester via photopin cc