Helping you achieve great talent outcomes through our proven best practices, framework and solutions.

Do you struggle to keep up with the complex demands of Talent Management?

  • Not enough quality candidates or potential hires lost in your process?
  • Rushing mission-critical hires or struggling to market open positions?
  • Tedious interviews and opaque feedback workflows?
  • Lack of automated, interactive tasks for onboarding new employees?
  • Struggle to assess or gain feedback related to employee training activities?
  • Strategic Talent Management challenges and disruption that undermine productivity?
  • Lack of insight into Talent Management outcomes and Return on Investment?

Recruiting Solutions

Give strategic direction to talent recruiting with best practice consulting and Cyber Recruiter™ from Visibility Software. Streamline your hiring processes to help you select and onboard the best talent quickly and efficiently.
  • Hiring managers and recruiters generate new jobs quickly with an easy custom wizard
  • Improve your applicant experience and find better-qualified candidates
  • Leverage talent resources strategically to save time and identify top talent for consistently better hiring outcomes
  • Automate tedious processes to post jobs faster freeing time for higher-value tasks
  • Increase teamwork with a centralized platform automated communication and single-click approvals
  • Gather employee data and signatures, process, review, and approve electronically so no additional time is wasted completing paperwork.
  • Accelerate productivity for new hires and your HR team by eliminating manual processes and paper forms
  • Make new hire forms completion less daunting with online employee questionnaires, auto-populated forms, and digital signatures
  • Ensure successful job closing process along with new hire communication through onboarding wizard and automated custom emails

Onboarding Solutions

Cyber Recruiter™ and Cyber Train™ automate and accelerate the onboarding process by gathering new hire information with electronic forms and approvals for a successful employee onboarding experience. Onboarding experience continues with the auto-assignment of initial training requirements.

Training Management Solutions

Cyber Train™ from Visibility Software strategically aligns your people, processes, and technology to build a winning training and development foundation that drives talent growth and training ROI.
  • Optimize your students’ learning experience for increased productivity and retention
  • Increase new employee engagement and retention through on-demand onboarding videos
  • Update outdated courses and keep employees’ training relevant
  • Automate manual record-keeping and communications to simplify training decisions and facilitate teamwork
  • Gain superior training effectiveness with insights to improve talent growth and engagement through testing and feedback
  • Clarify strategy to lay the groundwork for critical decisions that senior executives must make to close talent gaps strengthen organizational capabilities and support strategic direction
  • Gather Talent Management insights to measure progress and success through metrics presented via standard and custom reports including custom dashboards
  • Monitor recruiting, onboarding, and training completions for valuable ROI insights
  • Expedite staffing decisions to maximize productivity for your whole organization
  • Gain valuable insights into your talent to drive strategic decisions that maximize Talent Management ROI

Talent Insight Solutions

Through Talent Insight solutions, dashboards, and reports you’ll be able to access historical data to identify trends, make adjustments and see areas that need additional focus to improve your talent management processes.

Who Is Visibility?

We understand today’s HR leaders carry a heavy load. We’ve spent 20+ years helping HR leaders like you deliver strategic Talent Management outcomes through process engineering and best practices combined with great HR tech. Visibility Software has the road map to help you stop feeling overburdened, so you can get back to leading the way. As your Talent Management solution partner, we will solve your challenges in hiring, training, and retaining your most talented employees. Ultimately, our goal is to help you optimize your processes so you can spend more time focused on finding and growing your company’s talent.

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