Training Management Solutions

Cyber Train™ from Visibility Software is the Training Management Solution that helps you develop, deploy, manage and grow your training to elevate employee performance.

  • Optimize onboarding with automated workflows
  • Accelerate orientation and training with self-service portals
  • Measure training outcomes to ensure consistent achievement
  • Manage compliance deadlines and keep critical skills up-to-date

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Does your organization struggle to manage training requirements?

  • Outdated training tools holding you back
  • Everything on paper
  • Manual training records are not centralized and difficult to manage
  • No place to keep all training credentials and ensure they are current
  • Too many spreadsheets to update
  • Difficult to evaluate the success of training courses
  • Training needs changing as employees change jobs


The Solution Is Cyber Train™ Training Management (TMS)

Cyber Train corporate training management provides automated tools to help you develop, deploy, manage, and grow your company’s performance. Manage and track employee training requirements, enrollments, and certification renewals with automatic notifications and alerts. Keep certifications and licenses up to date and consistent through online tracking. Gain insight into all facets of training to measure progress and success through metrics.

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Solution Benefits

Gain Training Consistency and Visibility Across the Entire Company

  • Gain a strategic overview of training options through a consolidated course catalog and update employees on their training progress through automated updates.
  • Enhanced training management and course scheduling through an online summary of employee training needs and upcoming scheduled training. Increase new employee productivity through the automatic assignment of required training.
  • Employees and Managers now have insight into training information through the self-service portal. Ensure required training and certifications are up to date and consistent through reports, dashboards, and email alerts.

Help Employees Gain the Skills to Take Your Organization to the Next Level

  • Increase new employee productivity and start training immediately through automatic assignment of required training.
  • Launch online training and complete course tests to develop your people and drive future business growth.
  • Employees are more engaged in training through automated updates of their training progress.
  • Manage certifications, licensure, and professional memberships to nurture careers and build industry standing.

Instead of providing outdated, non-relevant content, we allow clients to create and embed company-specific training. If additional content is needed, check out our content partner, They have over 20,000 training content titles available.

Yes. Self-service capabilities are available in all solutions. You can define manager, employee, and instructor access privileges to ensure everyone has the up-to-date information they need to expedite your hiring and training processes.

Absolutely! Take training materials, like PowerPoint files, quickly turn them into videos, and make them available to access anytime. You can also ensure knowledge transfer with easily created tests and receive feedback with a simple survey.

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