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Visibility Software helps HR Executives streamline and optimize talent management for their companies—from recruiting to onboarding to training to HR insights. We help companies, large and small, eliminate recruiting or training processes that are ineffective, confusing, and burdensome. Our Cyber Talent Suite includes Cyber Recruiter for effective recruitment and onboarding, Cyber Train for effective training and HR Insights for feedback and improvement.

  • For more than 20 years, our talent management solutions have been developed by HR professionals for HR professionals to help our clients address the challenges they face. Over 750 organizations collaborate with Visibility Software to address their talent acquisition, development, and management needs.

  • Since our founding, we have always been a partner-centric talent management solution provider. We collaborate with our partners to help them drive strategic value for their clients and new recurring revenue streams for their companies. 


Talent Management is your opportunity to expand the range of services and solutions you deliver and add more value for your clients. Talent Management includes the significant and fast growing areas of recruiting and corporate training. 360 Research reports that the recruiting segment, also called application tracking systems (ATS) is $1.12 billion today and growing by 4.7% to $1.48 billion in 2026. Valuates reports that the corporate training segment, also called learning management systems (LMS) is $1.3 billion today and growing by 20.27% to $3.2 billion in 2026. These markets offer our partners a significant growth and revenue opportunity. Partnering with Visibility Software makes it a simple process to add the right Talent Management solution for your customers. There are five specific reasons to partner with Visibility Software:

  • Leverage 20+ years partnering experience

    Partnering is in our DNA. When you work with Visibility Software, you leverage more than twenty years of partnering experience. Visibility Software itself started as a partner/reseller. We expanded into a Talent Management services provider, and we have been growing stronger ever since. In that time, we have successfully partnered with many companies and continue to do so today.

    We have successfully partnered with global organizations, including Sage, Deltek, MIP, and Abila. Our Partnering Model is simple to execute. You continue to focus on your strengths, and we compliment your sales and delivery efforts to provide a seamless presentation to your clients and prospects. We put our experience into action to handle any channel conflicts for you, guiding you to success.

  • Position your company strategically

    Many companies want to expand beyond the crowded undifferentiated competition of their market by offering Talent Management. Having Talent Management solutions positions you strategically so you matter to the C-suites as well as all functional departments. You position your company with a Blue Ocean Strategy to set yourself apart from the competition with Visibility Software as your Talent Management partner.

    Talent Management is strategically vital to all companies and including it in your offerings shifts your company from a tactical Red Ocean approach to Strategic Blue Ocean positioning. Visibility Software integrates Talent Management into your solution, so you stand apart from the crowd, avoiding the ugly tactical battles of a cut-throat red ocean marketplace.

  • Extend the whole solution for your clients

    Adding Talent Management elevates your offering strategically, and partnership extends the “Whole Solution” for your clients. Visibility Software gives you a differentiated solution that covers all the bases. We reposition you to matter to the C-suites, as much as in payroll, HR, and other operational departments. Visibility Software integrates Talent Management into your solution. So you stand apart from the crowd, avoiding the ugly tactical battles of a cut-throat red ocean marketplace.

  • Compete More Effectively With a Differentiated Solution

    Talent Management changes the conversation with your prospects and customers. It gives you an additional strategic platform to discuss how your clients can attract, grow and retain their talent. In this case, Visibility Software is your company’s equalizer. Now you can prevent churn (loss to all-in-ones) in a partnership that levels the playing field. With Visibility Software, you have a Talent Management solution overnight.

    Our partnering strategy does not require an upfront cash outlay as with an acquisition or your commitment of development resources if you want to develop a “best in class” solution in-house. You immediately benefit from a solution that has been enhanced and extended based on 20+ years of domain and client experience.

  • Drive recurring revenue for your company

    Expanding your services to customers has tremendous potential to accelerate their revenue and yours simultaneously. As an exercise, pick a model and project your Sales over ten years. Using this model, analyze what it would mean to increase your average transaction value by 20% per year. Next, extend that amount over 10 years because our average client lifecycle is 10+ years. What you will find is an exciting possibility and a realistic outcome of partnering with Visibility Software that extends your offerings and increases success.

    We will help you leverage Visibility Software’s more than twenty years of partnering experience to drive recurring revenue for your company. You capitalize on the Subscription Economy, which in turn increases the predictability of your future revenue streams.

Partner Models

Our evolutionary approach enables our Partners to begin as a referral partner, progress to a reseller partner and when appropriate, graduate to a private label partner. As your confidence grows to represent these integrated talent management solutions to your target audiences we evolve with you!

We have been a partner-centric Talent Management solution provider since the beginning. The Visibility Software Partner Program is a mature, partnering model that combines a successful partnering model coupled with Talent and HR domain expertise and best practices. The combination gives your organization what you need when you need it to compete successfully. At Visibility Software, we offer you the partner model that is just right for you and your clients.

  • Referral

    Referral Partners registers an opportunity with Visibility Software and we provide all of the sales support to help close this opportunity.

  • Reseller

    Reseller Partners registers an opportunity with Visibility Software and you lead the entire sales process and Visibility Software supports your efforts.

  • Private Label

    Private Label Partners embed our talent management solutions into your overall solution to expand the “whole solution” that you offer to each and every prospect and customer. All sales, services, and the first level of support are led by the Partner.


If you are a referral partner, we will work with you to orchestrate the sales cycle from start to finish. We will look to you to foster and manage the executive relationship with your client during the evaluation, selection and implementation of our talent management solutions.

If you are a reseller or private label partner, you will lead the entire sales cycle and we will be there every step of the way to support you. For the first 5 sales, we will embed our sales team into your sales team and sales cycle to help ensure your success and transfer of domain and solution knowledge to your team.

Once your sales opportunities are registered and accepted by Visibility Software, we will ensure that we fully support you as our business partner. Unlike other companies, we will ensure that there is no conflict with our direct sales team.
We will provide you with initial training for your team about how to position and sell our talent management solutions. For each Partner, we ask that you select your lead Sales Executive and lead Solutions Engineer so we can work with them to impart our Sales best practices that can be further shared across your organization.
If you are a referral partner, Visibility Software will provide all of the implementation services and training for your client. If you are a reseller or private label partner, you or Visibility Software can provide the implementation services and training for your client. Typically, private label or embedded partners also provide the 1st line customer support and we provide the 2nd line customer support.

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