5 stATS for the Dollar Conscious HR Professionals

Making a large purchase for the company – like an ATS for example – isn’t a simple decision. A negative candidate experience can damage your company branding and, likewise, the employer brand. Considering 46% of applicants have a poor candidate experience, make sure you have the right tools. A fitting ATS can ease the hiring and onboarding processes. Finding talent is already a hard process, so nurturing the right candidates should be an important process. With the right ATS, both attaining and retaining talent won’t be a challenge any longer.

Employment related queries

account for 30% of all Google searches per month.

That averages to about 300 million searches monthly. 300 million. Without an ATS how could you even begin to compare with the others who took the plunge with a talent acquisition management system? Truth is, you can’t. An ATS can help to optimize your career page and job postings to ensure their keyword accuracy and raise the posting’s organic SEO. Job applicants spend an average of 76 seconds looking at a job description so it’s important to make the best of the time you’ve got to attract the talent you want.

70% of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees don’t use any form of ATS.

Why? Why on earth wouldn’t you use a tool that will ease the stress and workload of the HR department? One thousand employees may statistically equate to a small company, however 1,000 is still a large number… a number large enough to overwork any small business HR department. Large and mid-sized companies plan to purchase new HR software within the next 18 months (100% and 50% respectively) so there is no reason a small company can’t join in. Yes, some talent acquisition management software systems can cost a pretty penny, but there are options. Visibility gives their clients the options of renting or buying Cyber Recruiter.

1 in 3 small companies rated their ATS performance less than effective.

So, roughly 33% of small companies didn’t have the right tools to help them choose the ATS that would work best for them. They form an opinion that talent acquisition systems aren’t worth it or they don’t work. That’s simply not true. There are different choices for a reason. If only there was a company that offered an assessment of some kind to help small companies choose. In addition to the option to rent or buy Cyber Recruiter, Visibility also offers a free comparison tool before implementing the software so you can decide which ATS is right for the company.

54% of small companies take one to two months to hire a new employee.

That is from start to finish; from posting to offer acceptance. Should it take that long? That’s about average. But with an ATS the process can move a little faster. Not to mention, it will reduce your employee stress levels as well as reduce cost.

75% of large companies use an Applicant Tracking System.

Ever wondered why large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to filter candidates for open positions? Well this is why. Microsoft, for example, sees a flow of 50,000 resumes… weekly. Maybe with 100 or more HR professionals evaluating the resumes, a company of this magnitude could stay on top of the pressing workflow. But wouldn’t it be easier – and less costly – to use an ATS?

Applicant tracking systems can be a puzzle for candidates. Even worse, however, they can be conundrums for the recruiters who use them. And for the companies that purchase them? They can be a financial burden in comparison to the return in reduced hiring costs. This doesn’t have to be the case. An ATS that fits company structure and values is the first step to solving recruiting burdens. Recruiters will appreciate the effort and the effects will reach the candidates, creating a positive candidate experience.

With an ATS like Cyber Recruiter, you can make the most of your talent acquisition process for your recruitersand your candidates. Try the demo today to see how recruiters in your company will benefit.

photo credit: Great Beyond via photopin cc