Welcome to the New Visibility Site

Welcome to the New Visibility Site

Good morning! Sean Pomeroy here. Today is an exciting day for us here at Visibility. We’ve spent the last few months developing a new website and it’s finally launched. We pride ourselves on offering software solutions to help companies achieve a higher level of efficiency and communication related to their recruiting processes and training management. But now, we look really good doing it. We’re really pleased about the new look and feel but even more excited about some of the added functionality!

New Look

The new site isn’t just easy on the eyes, it’s easier to navigate. The home page offers a sleek look at our services, you can see our contact information at a glance and easier access to all of our social outlets. We were overdue for a makeover, but better late than never. With over a decade of experience in the industry we weren’t born yesterday, but our site was, and it looks really good. We’d invite you to take a stroll around the site and try out the new Partner Portal, the Resource Library and of course subscribe to our also-updated blog.


We’ve continued to offer top support and the best training and management systems available and now you can actually see that! Cyber Recruiter, our recruitment management system, is easier than ever to explore. The new site guides you through the features, offers a demo of the services and even offers a comparison tool. Cyber Trainer, our total training management system, is also easier to discover. Our new layout makes it easier to check out our tracking options, the automated approval process and compliance assurance tools. Whether you want to have a live demo of our solutions, watch a quick video from the library or tool around in a demo version of the product, the new site caters to your needs.

Content and Support

The look isn’t the only thing new at Visibility. We’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing content related to training and recruiting. We will now have a regularly updated blog where you can catch insightful, relevant articles. Visibility wants this content to act as additional support tools for clients to keep up with industry trends and issues. Speaking of support, it’s easier than ever to find our numbers, contacts, emails and social sites so that you can always reach us when you need us. We boast the best support in the business and we only want it to get better. If you’ve never experienced our proactive tech support, get ready, we’ll be discussing the reasons why on this very blog.

Our team is hard at work creating new content as well. This redesign is about more than just a new logo and website. We’ve learned a great deal in the past decade and we’re excited to share it with you as you navigate the recruiting and training processes in your organization. Got a topic that you want covered? Let us know. As the blog library grows, we’ll begin creating sections for specific issues and recruiting thought leadership.

Here at Visibility we’ve always been proud of the excellent solutions and support we offer. Now when you type VisibilitySoftware.com into your computer, you can see the excellence right away. We offer the best in talent management technolgy and training systems, and now our look matches that. The goal was to make it easier for our clients and potential clients to see what we have to offer.

Today we aren’t the same Visibility, we’re a better Visibility.