Why the Talent You Want Doesn’t Want You

The average professional receives an average of 304 business emails a day. As a recruiter, a great portion of the day is probably spent wading through an inbox and shipping out messages to applicants or qualified candidates. Though the first email was sent in 1971, the practice of emailing has yet to go out of style completely.

With 3.6 billion email accounts in the world, chances are you have been using email to create or keep conversation with candidates and applicants. In fact, with online recruiting saving 50% of the cost-per-hire, not using email to at least start dialogue is very rare. What isn’t so rare is the amount of times an email sends recruiting communication to a dead halt. With the right recruiting software, you can take the guesswork out of your process and keep your candidates from saying these 3 things.

“I had no idea who wanted to hire me.”

We’ve all received the email or phone call from a mysterious, yet excited sender; the one that starts with an upbeat greeting and is brimming with flattery. The problem lies in how vague the content is overall. There is a name, but no company. A title but no explanation as to what the recruiter is contacting in regards to.

Credibility is immediately lost when no established relationship between the recruiter and the company is made. With 43% of email recipients sending messages to their spam folder simply based on the “from” name, you’re already battling tough odds.

A great recruiting software can help a recruiter keep all important details accounted for while still customizing for the recipient, ultimately, getting you a response.

“They didn’t want me, they wanted anyone.”

Imagine being asked to do something that would usually be a big honor. (Think: A huge promotion or giving a speech at a big event.) Now imagine that right after being asked, there is a follow up question of, “if you can’t, do you know someone who can?” The numbers behind referral program success is huge. In fact, 70% of the time, referred employees are found to fit company culture and values better than hires from elsewhere while also having higher retention rates (46% stay for at least 3 years).

Part of sparking a candidate’s interest lies in making he or she feel as though they are the one suited for the job. Having a general, “tell your friends about us!” statement is only going to make an individual feel as though you are desperate and looking for people to fill desks. Whether the company is large or small, an applicant wants to feel as though they will be making a difference with their position.

Don’t ask for referrals on first contact. Get through the hiring process before you introduce referral programs. You will have a better idea of the company your new hire keeps while also not looking desperate.

“They were so vague and impersonal, I knew it was a

mass email.”
Recruiters see the resume as the first impression of an applicant and, similarly, candidates are looking at an email as a first impression. Again, this may seem like too much work, but one of the best reach out emails I ever received was one written to be mass message friendly.

What made that mass email the best? Well, it still carried the personality of the employer and had the distinct voice of the recruiter. I could see how the recruitment effort and company goals were aligned, while getting a clear picture of how the team operated.

You should capture the voice of the company, be personal with how you present yourself and don’t be afraid to have personality. If you’re having trouble with starting, brainstorm words that fit your company culture and the audience you are hiring. The power of approach could lie in the attitude of your word selection.

Email has been around for a while, leading it to be sometimes seen as a small beginning to the long candidate experience road. Unfortunately, that isn’t so. In fact, email is so important (and annoying to candidates) that there have been websites developed to ensure an email would pass the candidate experience test. Don’t be known as a spam recruiter. Want a better talent pool with the leads you deserve and a more automated yet personal way of communicating? Let’s chat!